There's a lot that an app can do for you. But getting started can be overwhelming. What apps are already out there? How would apps benefit your nonprofit or library? Does it make sense to build your own app?

The resources below will help you get started answering these questions. 

Apps for Nonprofits and Libraries

Thanks to a grant from Microsoft, TechSoup's App It Up project investigated the kinds of apps nonprofits and libraries are using to engage their constituents, tell their stories, and get their work done. See our nonprofit and library app survey results and the nonprofit and library Apps Wish List to see how other nonprofits and libraries are thinking about apps.

For more nonprofit- and library-specific apps, also see:

The App It Up project also rounded up cool apps for nonprofits and libraries in various categories, including:

Apps for Every Organization

These app guides aren't specifically designed for nonprofits or libraries, but they're definitely worth looking into:

App Development Resources

Even with the enormous number of apps available, there may not be an app that meets your organization's needs. In that case, you may be considering developing your own. 

If you're considering developing a mobile app, your app strategy should be firmly grounded in your organization's overall mobile strategy. Mobile strategy is far too big a topic to cover in detail here, but these are some resources to get you started:

If you do decide to develop an app for your organization, here are some helpful mobile app development resources:

More App Resources

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by Ariel Gilbert-Knight, Senior Content Manager, TechSoup