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What Are Best Practices for Managing Teleworkers?

What Are Best Practices for Managing Teleworkers?

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  • What works for me, working from home:

    -- have a day & time for at least one weekly staff/team meeting. It keeps me focused, helps me know what's going on, and makes me feel like I'm involved. If I just rely on email, instant messaging or someone calling, I'd be left out of a lot of important info. A lot of "oh, have I mentioned...?" comments in these regular meetings.

    -- EXCELLENT audio for meetings. I need to be able to hear very clearly, and everyone needs to hear ME clearly! Whatever you need to make that happen, do it.

    -- instant messaging. I like leaving my cross platform IM program (I use Adium) so anyone I'm working with can see when I'm "in", and can IM me with a "Hey, can we talk by phone now?" That way, they don't disturb me if I'm actually on a Skype call with someone or on the phone with someone else, and they don't call and not reach me because I happen to be out during that 15 minutes

    -- Super clear communications regarding what my goals are/should be, and my progress towards those goals.

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