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More than Apps: Mobile Tips from 12NTC

More than Apps: Mobile Tips from 12NTC

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  • Good article but seems that it's missing one of the major uses for mobile technology, collection then delivery to databases of field based transactional data for program management, outcome measurement and service delivery.  The challenge of course is how to do it inexpensively and easily.  

    As an example our company Rovenet provides our Measurement Outcomes system (www.measurementoutcomes.org) to not for profits for no charge.  Creates custom data collection systems for any smartphone or tablet with strong backend support.  Easy to use so minimal training required.

    Chuck Schwartz

    Rovenet Technology Services

  • Good point about the challenges of syncing mobile data in the field back to your database. Esri, one of our TechSoup partners, has some options available for reporting data from the field.

    Anyone know of others?

    In general advertising your own products is discouraged in our blog comments and forums, but your point about the next steps on mobile field activities is a good one, so I hope you'll stick around and contribute more to our community.