When it comes to operating a nonprofit, it becomes imperative to manage your resources as wisely as possible. Often times, nonprofits have limited resources and really have to stretch every dollar.

One often overlooked way that nonprofits can use a resource to the fullest is by implementing email signatures. Email signatures can provide legal protection when they include a disclaimer, but they can also be used to fundraise, promote events, and even spread the word about your organization’s work.

Email Signatures and Disclaimers

It’s easy enough to send off an email and just stick your initials at the end. The recipient gets the point and your email address usually names you as the sender. But what if that email contains sensitive information and is shared with an unintended party? Without a simple disclaimer, your organization is left open to liability for the information getting into unintended hands.

By adding a disclaimer to all of your outgoing emails, you can warn the recipient of confidential content and disclaim liability. With a centrally managed email signature and disclaimer solution, you can ensure all emails contain the same disclaimer. 

Using Your Email Signature to Promote and Fundraise

If you use email signature software, you can easily add information on fundraisers or events to your outgoing email signature.

By using centrally managed email signature software, you can make sure that links to fundraising efforts or upcoming events are always included in outgoing emails. This method is an effective and inexpensive way to market your events and fundraisers. Just think of all the people that will know of your events and fundraising efforts!

Your Email Signature Spreads The Word

Getting news out about the hard work your organization is doing can often be difficult. It seems contrived to work your organization’s news into casual conversations. While you may want to shout from the rooftops how much good your organization is doing, it may not always make sense in communications.

An easy solution is to add pertinent news to your email signature. Perhaps you want to let people know about a recent accomplishment; all you have to do is add a tidbit to your signature and everyone who you email will know your news. 

While an email signature seems like a mundane thing, it can actually be a great way to promote events, fundraise, share your news. and even provide legal protection. Both cost effective and easy to manage, an email signature can do wonders for a non-profit. 

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Deborah Galea is the COO at Red Earth Software, Inc, which donates its Policy Patrol Mail Security Bundle to eligible nonprofits to prevent messaging-related problems like damage to reputation, network congestion, legal liability, and confidentiality breaches.

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Deborah Galea, COO, Red Earth Software, Inc.