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Stay Connected with Donated Smartphones from Dell

Stay Connected with Donated Smartphones from Dell

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  • I need help to order the phones. Konbit Neg Lakay need 10 telephones for its members

  • The Children's Alopecia Project would love these phones to provide to our group leaders around the country!! When can we get them?

  • I need help to order the phones .

    There is no link to order.

  • Found it...scroll down to Dell and you will find the phones for ordering.

  • any chance of getting a Tmobile version????

  • Hi nwhs, at the moment there isn't. These donated phones are locked for AT&T, and we're limited to the stock that Dell has made available for donation.

  • Thanks Patrick- I will keep looking.

  • Need help with one of the Dell Venue Pro phones we purchased / when turned on it says: storage card damaged / have not been able to get any help from Dell

  • Hi, "Hope for Families" Please post to the TechSoup Help forum branch, so you can get the immediate attention of a TechSoup product rep.

  • Can we use wifi functionality on these phones without having a phone plan?  Or without a data plan?  We're already using AT&T for our cell phones - and would love to upgrade phones/use apps on our wifi, but can't afford data plans for everyone.

  • Hi Jmaritz,

     These phones are wifi capable. Let us know if you have any other questions.


    TechSoup Client Services

  • Is it possible to receive more than the 20 allocation for a non profit?

    My organization is made of community membership and all of them are interested in having this phone.

  • Hi USSLA,

    Each of TechSoup’s donor partners establishes its own eligibility criteria and product allotment in order to support organizations that fit their philanthropy guidelines. As mentioned in the Dell program restrictions, eligible organizations can request up to 20 products may be requested within a fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th).

    If you have any additional questions, I would recommend contacting TechSoup Client Services: www.techsoup.org/.../email.asp


  • in what condition are these phones?

  • Hi machonchana, these phones are all new.