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Reduce Travel with Online Collaboration

Reduce Travel with Online Collaboration

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  • @ jimlynch

    I think it’s absolute true that Online Collaboration has become such a generic term that is hard for organizations to find what works for them best. As there seems to be an abundance of choices as far as online collaboration goes, we have to get down to basics. Let´s not just talk about platforms where you can chat and exchange files and information….

    @ Lumoflow we take it to the next level. We believe in providing a comprehensive solution that focuses on sharing ideas and transforming them constantly into new innovations, while keeping teams and management connected. So… a collaborative network that holds many features under one umbrella.

    We believe in building a sense of community, engaging people, becoming co-creative, and having commitment to your business.

    Check us out @ www.lumoflow.com !

    Susy Bruno

    Marketing Manager

  • Hi Susy,

    Thanks for your comment. Does Lumoflow offer any packages or discounts specifically directed to nonprofits or public libraries? I've not heard of your product before.



  • Great Article. Certainly, use of online collaboration tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. or even deploying on premise online collaboration appliance such as RHUB appliances is transforming the way in which companies conduct businesses. More and more organizations, companies, colleges etc. are adopting desktop conferencing technology on order to increase business efficiency, more client interaction, reduce travel costs etc. www.rhubcom.com

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