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Nonprofit and Library App Survey from App It Up

Nonprofit and Library App Survey from App It Up

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  • I look forward to learning more in the App it Up webinar on January 19. www1.gotomeeting.com/.../416651361

  • Interesting article! It's great to hear that nonprofits and libraries are embracing apps. I can understand that organisations don't have the resources to develop apps themselves, it can be a really expensive process! I'd be interested to hear specifics on what people need. Reading the original article I was wondering what it is that is missing. For example there are loads of task timer apps out there already, so what is it that is needed? Also, for events there is for example eventbrite, but perhaps that doesn't quite cut it? Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I'd quite like to get into app development myself.

    All the best,

    Andrew Edwards

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  • Andrew, you might want to head over to the TechSoup community forum, particularly the section marked "Software" or "Emerging Technologies", and start a conversation on this topic!

  • Thanks! I will do.