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5 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft OneNote 2010

5 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft OneNote 2010

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  • Thanks for explaining it a little tricky

  • This is a great intro Karen! Super helpful!

    Does OneNote have any sharing capabilities beyond outlook integration? Would it be applicable to a team situation for everyone to reference shared folders for example?

  • Great question.  OneNote has a set of Share features that allows users to upload a notebook to a network drive where it can be accessed by others on the same network.  It also provides an option to upload to the Web (using a Windows Live account) where it can also accessed by others.

    For more information, check out: office.microsoft.com/.../share-notebooks-in-onenote-2010-HA010386952.aspx.

  • I've been using OneNote for several years now. Great tool for planning out project next actions and for consolidating all kinds of reference materials (links, screenshots, audio clippings, etc.). I also use it for quick access to all my different to-do lists (travel packing, books to read, things to buy, etc.). OneNote users might find these shortcuts useful: www.shortcutworld.com/.../OneNote_2010.html

  • looks like a great tool. thanks for the info!

  • Thanks Karen, this was very helpful!

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