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GoToWebinar vs. GoToTraining

GoToWebinar vs. GoToTraining

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Citrix Online offers simple web conferencing through its popular GoToMeeting service, as well as two higher-capacity editions based on it: GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. Both services offer all the features of GoToMeeting plus many others, but is there one (or more) that best fits your organization? (Don't forget, all three products can be requested in a fiscal year!)

In a Nutshell

The TechSoup donation for GoToWebinar is intended for audiences of up to 1,000 attendees, like public-facing webinars, large-scale presentations, and major organization-wide events.

The TechSoup subscription for GoToTraining, on the other hand, is more suited for an intimate audience of up to 25 attendees and is intended for formal training and education.

Plus, both products include a GoToMeeting license.


GoToWebinar includes these webinar-specific features:

  • Guest panelists – Invite additional panelists to participate.
  • Green room – Host an audio conference with fellow organizers before the presentation begins.
  • Q&A – Field questions from participants in real time. 
  • Practice sessions – Rehearse the presentation before going live.

Organizations can request a donated one-year GoToWebinar subscription through TechSoup for a $94 admin fee. Organizations can also request discounted subscriptions from Citrix Online if they are not eligible for the donation program or have exceeded the annual donation limit.


GoToTraining includes these training-specific features:

  • Option to charge for training – Collect online payments and track revenue earned from training sessions via PayPal.
  • Content library – Store reusable content, including documents, surveys, and recordings.
  • Online course catalogs – Schedule multiple training sessions by specifying the name, description, price, date, and registration link.
  • Recorded sessions – Share previously recorded sessions online.
  • Tests and materials – Design tests for use before, during, or after a training session.

Organizations can request one donated one-year GoToTraining subscription per year for $120. Organizations can also request additional discounted subscriptions from Citrix Online.

Shared Features

GoToWebinar and GoToTraining subscriptions both include a 15-user license to GoToMeeting. This means you don't have to purchase a separate GoToMeeting account for conducting simple web conferences for up to 15 users.

For more information on these features, including HDFaces, check out Citrix Online's product comparison and Ariel Gilbert-Knight's blog post on GoToMeeting's video conferencing and mobile options.

Additional Features

GoToWebinar and GoToTraining also include these features on top of what's included in GoToMeeting:

  • Dashboard – View attendance, audience questions, audience attentiveness, and feedback in one central location.
  • Polls and surveys – Get feedback from participants during a presentation.
  • Reports – See detailed reports on the most effective webinars or training sessions.

Mac Users

Certain features are not available if the meeting host uses a Mac: specific application sharing; drawing tools; meeting recordings; multiple monitor support; and integration with Microsoft Office, email, and instant messaging applications.

Additional Information

GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining all offer 30-day free trials. Eligible trial users may participate in the TechSoup donation program.  The donation program also allows renewals.

To learn more about TechSoup's Citrix Online donation program, visit the program page and the customer testimonials.

Have you used one or more Citrix web conference tools? What are your experiences?

Wes is a Web Content Developer at TechSoup.

  • Thanks wesholing.  GotoWebinar (and GoToMeeting) are great services.  But if you are planning smaller meetings GoMeetNow plans start at 1/3 the price and they are on par with Citrix's quality.