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Finding Funding with the Foundation Center

Finding Funding with the Foundation Center

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Identifying potent ial funding sources that align with your nonprofit's or library's mission is a constant challenge. The Foundation Center wants to help you meet that challenge.

About the Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to connect people who want to change the world with the resources they need to do so. Through data, analysis, and training, the Foundation Center helps organizations and individuals research, identify, and connect with potential funding sources. 

Try Out the Foundation Directory Online

One of the Foundation Center's most useful and comprehensive resources is the Foundation Directory Online, a searchable database with information on nearly 100,000 foundations, corporate donors, and grantmaking organizations, as well as details on several million of the most recent grants these organizations made.

See how the Foundation Directory Online can help you find the right funding source for your program or project with a 24 hour professional-level free trial.

The free trial gives you access to the full Foundation Directory Online database of grants, foundations, and corporate donors, as well as powerful and flexible search features. Access detailed profiles on grantmaking and funding organizations (see example at right), including purpose and activities, areas of interest, geographic focus, types of support they provide, and how to apply for funding. Grant data includes recipient, amount, and other details on the grant itself.  

After the free trial period, access to the Foundation Directory Online is on a subscription basis. There are several subscription tiers available, and you can subscribe on a monthly, annual, or multi-year basis. 

Other Foundation Center Resources

In addition to the Foundation Directory Online, the Foundation Center provides many other resources and learning opportunities for grantseekers, many of which are free or low cost:

  • An enormous array of useful electronic, online, and print resources, from basic introductions to nonprofit management and fundraising to in-depth reference guides. Check out the Foundation Center website to get started.
  • Library learning centers in five locations across the US
  • A nationwide network of funding information centers offering free access to Foundation Center resources
  • Free and affordable training options, including both classroom-based training and online training, on topics like funding research, proposal writing, and grantmakers and the grantmaking process

Learn more about these and other Foundation Center resources in this recent post from Stephanie Gerding at TechSoup for Libraries.

More Tools for Accessing Foundation Center Resources

The Foundation Center also has a number of nifty widgets that help you quickly access relevant Foundation Center information and resources, including:

  • Foundation Finder search provides basic information on US grantmakers. You can search by name, geographic location, or Federal Tax ID number.
  • Foundation Finder Mobile provides the same information as Foundation Finder, but is optimized for searching via a mobile device web browser.
  • Trend Tracker allows you to review and analyze grantmaker data over time, including assets, gifts received, expenditures, or giving history.
  • FC Updater allows grantmakers to update information about their programs in the Foundation Center Online database.

If you want to connect with funders who can help your organization do its good work, the Foundation Center is a great resource. Sign up for a free trial account, check out all their other resources, and start harnessing the power of the Foundation Center for your nonprofit or library.

by Ariel Gilbert-Knight, Director, Content, TechSoup

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