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Week 4: The Future of Cloud Computing

 A View of the Cloud from the United States
Learn how American nonprofits are using the cloud today, and how that will change over the next few years.

 Big Data and the Cloud: What's the Link?
Keisha Taylor of GuideStar International reflects that as more nonprofits move into the cloud, the importance of data to the sector becomes more pronounced.

 A View of the Cloud from the NetSquared Community
Even among technologically inclined people, there's sometimes a reluctance to move to the cloud. But maybe that's not a bad thing.

Shawn Michael on Dynamics CRM Online for Nonprofits
In this guest blog post, Shawn Michael of NPower Oregon discusses Dynamics CRM Online. Is a move to cloud-based CRM right for your organization? 


Week 3: Security in the Cloud

 A View of the Cloud from India
Most NGOs in India are small and highly dependent on volunteers. Prashant Pandit and Pooja Jayna of the NASSCOM Foundation (TechSoup's Indian partner organization) discuss the hurdles that NGOs must overcome for cloud adoption to become a reality.

 A View of the Cloud from Poland
Alicja Peszkowska of Fundacja TechSoup (TechSoup Global's European headquarters in Warsaw) observes that although most Polish NGOs use some cloud-based tools, most of them haven't explored the cloud's full potential.

Security in the Cloud
Security is one of the largest concerns when considering a move of a system or application to the Internet. Learn how to protect your organization.

Security: The Scary Part of Cloud Computing
Recent security breaches in the cloud have made headlines, but the greatest security risk to nonprofits is still human negligence.

 Why Are We So Scared of Cloud Security?
Richard Cooper of Charity Technology Trust (TechSoup's partner organization in the United Kingdom) suggests that nonprofits be realistic when weighing the risks of cloud computing.


Week 2: How Cloud Computing Changes Organizations

Can Cloud Computing Change Organizational Boundaries?
Some people say that cloud computing can radically change how organizations work and collaborate. Does cloud computing shift organizational culture, or is it really business as usual?

 Email in the Cloud: A Google Apps Case Study
Learn how a cloud-based solution helped one Canadian nonprofit work more efficiently. For more information, check out TechSoup Canada's recorded webinar on Google Apps.

 How the Cloud Can Make a Difference for Disaster Relief
Find out how Second Harvest Japan used cloud-based technologies to serve Japanese communities when disaster struck.

Connecting Up Australia (TechSoup's partner organization in Australia) shows how Microsoft's cloud services and desktop products work together.

Week 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

 A View of the Cloud from Brazil
In the first of our series of dispatches from our international partner organizations, TechSoup Brasil's Valter Cegal reflects that Internet affordability is still a major stumbling block for Brazilian NGOs. He suggests that individuals will make the move to the cloud more quickly than organizations.

Why Should Nonprofits Care About Cloud Computing?
If you are a small to medium-sized nonprofit, why should you care about cloud computing? Because it can save you time, money, and help spare the environment. Be sure to check out the companion webinar recording, Cloud Computing: Why You Should Care.

Cloud Basics for Nonprofits and Libraries
What is cloud computing anyway, and what does it mean for your organization? Learn about the types of cloud computing and the advantages and drawbacks of implementing cloud-based solutions at your organization.

Clearing Up the Cloud
NTEN recently hosted a day-long cloud computing workshop in San Francisco. Read our reflections on the opportunities and challenges of cloud adoption for nonprofits.

 Cloud Is Not a Technology Decision
Richard Cooper of Charity Technology Trust (TechSoup's partner organization in the United Kingdom) argues that cloud computing is primarily a business decision, not a technology decision. 



Elliot Harmon
Staff Writer, TechSoup