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Email in the Cloud: A Google Apps Case Study

Email in the Cloud: A Google Apps Case Study

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  • Nice article, and we too are very happy with Google Apps, but:

    You should NOT be depending on Google Apps as your only backup!  

    It's true that Google has just rolled out the ability to recover deleted emails (in response to malicious hacking incidents) but you still need to back up your data elsewhere.  You can use a cloud backup solution if you don't want to deal with all that data on your own hardware, but if you keep data in only one location, someday it will be lost, and probably just when you most need it.

  • Thanks for the important reminder, Ridgetrail. We generally recommend the 2x2x2 rule for backing up documents, email, and critical systems. Two backups, in two different places, in the hands of two different staff people.

    So even if an organization is relying on Google Apps, they should also plan to have at least a couple of backups -- particularly of any mission-critical information -- in other systems.





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