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Microsoft Windows Upgrades Available to Macintosh Users

Microsoft Windows Upgrades Available to Macintosh Users

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  • Very informative. After reading this blog, our organization ordered the "Upgrade" version of Windows 7 instead of the full version to install on our Mac, which had no prior installation of Windows OS. But when we went to install this upgrade version via VMWare's Fusion 4 (emulation software), the error "no operating system install disk found." Our "Upgrade"  Windows 7 DVD from Microsoft was not recognized.

    So we tried to just do a straight Mac "Boot Camp" install, but the setup guide specifically says that only Full Windows installation disks are allowed, not upgrade installation disks. So, did we miss something in this blog post? Looks like we ordered the wrong product. Help!

  • Hi RichPate,

    I believe our fabulous Autumn has beaten me to answering your question.

    But for others who may have the same question, I'll share Autumn's forum response:

    "The default disk provided by Microsoft is upgrade only and will not boot. Your access to the VLSC website allows you to download a full-version ISO file while you can burn to a disk and use to boot and install the operating system."

    For the full forum thread on this question, see forums.techsoup.org/.../119936.aspx .

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