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Cool Apps Roundup: Green Apps

Cool Apps Roundup: Green Apps

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  • Hi,

    My company's blog, Eco 18, has a very relevant article to yours posted.  It's also about the best green apps.  I feel that you and your readers would really enjoy it.



  • I'm not sure if it's the greenest - but I'm currently looking to transform our 80+ meeting program book into a downloadable app - rather than just a pdf that gets downloaded.  Including this year, we still had the book printed.  Is there an app out there for that?  I"m looking at InDesign to create something myself, but need to learn about getting certified or approved to submit apps to Apple, etc.

  • NAVBO, you might get more of a response if you would post your question to the TechSoup community forum: forums.techsoup.org/.../f

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