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Can Cloud Computing Change Organizational Boundaries?

Can Cloud Computing Change Organizational Boundaries?

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  • Great write-up, Elliot -- thank you for the great summary and thoughtful take-aways.  I think this deeper cultural shift that cloud solutions allow for (a culture of collaboration) is one of the most exciting things to consider.  From working at NTEN, I have had the luxury of having been on a small and innovative-thinking staff over the last few years, so this kind of collaboration, inter-staff accountability and sharing, as well as external resource sharing and transparency comes naturally for us.  What I'd love to hear about are how larger, more established organizations can navigate these kinds of cultural shifts.

  • Thanks, Annaliese.

    I'm often skeptical of the potential for technology /alone/ to effect much change in how an organization works. There's certainly a correlation between cloud computing and that culture of collaboration, but correlation is not causality. :)

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