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TechSoup 101: Getting Qualified

TechSoup 101: Getting Qualified

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 This blog post is part of a series focused on managing accounts at

Updated on 3/16/2015

After you have completed the registration process (outlined in the blog post TechSoup 101: Registration) TechSoup will review and validate your information and qualify your organization if possible.

If we require additional information, we will reach out by email, at the address provided as part of your organization's information. The following documentation may be requested in order to complete the qualification process:

  • The 501(c)(3) Tax Determination Letter supplied by the federal government
  • Clarification Letters confirming your organizations name, budget, location, group exemption or your affiliation as an authorized agent.

Please look for emails from TechSoup Customer Service in case we need additional information to complete your qualification. In order to ensure that our Customer Service staff are able to focus on the support of the Product Donation programs, we do not recommend sending documents that are not explicitly requested.

Checking Qualification Status

After you have completed registration, you can check on your organization's qualification status any time through your TechSoup profile. Qualification can take up to 10 business days. If it has been more than 10 days and your organization is still Pending Qualification, you can contact Customer Service for an update.

   1. Log in.
   2. Click on the My Account link at the top right of the page.
   3. This page displays information about organizations that you are affiliated with, either because you created them or because you were added as an authorized agent.
   4. The qualification status will be listed next to each organization's name.

Placing a Donation Request before being Qualified

Organizations can begin placing donation requests immediately after the organization registration is complete. Qualification must be complete before requests can be fulfilled.

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Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • I need help with the qualifying documents. The PDF of the check list links to examples that are not found on the new version of your website.

    None of the above links, link to documents. I receive an "Error 404" and the following statement: We Couldn’t Find the Page You’re Looking For.

  • Hi Toldymann,

     We are still working on correcting a few links on the site, including the examples on this PDF. Hopefully the following information will help. If you have additional questions, please call Customer Service:

    If the name or shipping address differs from the information provided on the 501(c)(3) determination letter, we will also need a clarification letter on your organization's letterhead which lists the TechSoup account information, the information on the determination letter, a brief explanation of why these are different, and a signature. Asking for this clarification letter may seem a bit unusual, but since we are helping to distribute donation programs and our partners need to be certain that the donated products are reaching the nonprofit that is registered, any time the information differs from what the IRS has on file we need to have something in writing that states what the differences are and why.


  • I sent all of the documents requested via e-mail and would lke to know how long does the qualification process takes. It keeps coming as pending qualifications.  Thank you for your reply.

  • I represent American Legion Post 178 in Frisco, TX.  We are a 501-C(19) Veterans (non-profit) organization.  We would like to register our organization with you but are unable to do so on your web site. Do we qualify as a non-profit under your rules? Please advise.

  • @American_Legion_Post_178

    At this time, only 501(c)(3) organizations and public libraries can qualify for donated products available through TechSoup. It may be worth your while to check with the IRS to see if your organization could apply for and switch to  501(c)(3) status.

    I also recommend that you check out our Quick Guide to Discounted programs. We have details about several programs offering discounts to nonprofits.

  • I need a link to the qualification documents cover sheet/checklist.