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Good News! Updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program

Good News! Updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program

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  • From the blurb under the Windows 7 software offering it appears that organizations that have older operating systems installed  are not eligible for upgrading.  Is this correct?    Our group would really like to upgrade to W7 but it seems Microsoft doesn't want us to?

  • Hi davidorr,

     It really depends on the situation. The new Windows 7 Get Genuine offering is specifically for organizations running Home or Starter Editions, Open Source, illegal or Pirated Operating Systems or for organizations that have computers without an operating system.

    But if your organization is running any of the following: Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, or Ultimate; Windows XP Professional or Tablet PC; Windows 2000 Professional; Windows NT Workstation 4.0; or Windows 98 SE, then you should look at our upgrade options. To locate these, please click on Get Products, and the Microsoft link under Browse By Partner (on the left of the page) and then the first product category: Microsoft Windows PC Operating System Upgrades.


    TechSoup Client Services

  • Any idea if Office 365 will be part of these new offerings?

  • Our non-profit, which is signed up with techsoup, has funding for a new laptop for outreach presentations. All the computers that we can afford just have windows 7 home and office starter. It looks like I can use techsoup to get a full version of office, but we will have to pay to upgrade to the professional version of win 7, with its additional features. Am I missing something, or has something changed? We are a senior center that does a lot of medicare counseling.

  • Hi bethshalomseattle!

     We don't have information on Office365 at this time. But you should add this to our Product Wishlist forum thread which you can find here. Our development team looks at this regularly. It's also great to add to the thread in case other people are interested too. This can help us in our conversations with our partners when asking about new product offerings.

  • Hi cindybirk!

    I would encourage you to read through our Get Genuine category and product pages as it does sound like your scenario (you have Home editions of Windows 7 but would like Professional editions of Windows 7) is eligible to use these products. If you still have questions, please contact TechSoup Client Services.

  • We haven´t been able to find out our licence key, can you help us please?

  • Is there a Get Genuine program that authenticates Windows XP? Our school in Tanzania has older computers that probably can't handle Windows 7. We have a variety of XP and Ubuntu systems and would like to authenticate everything to XP. I've reveived no response from Microsoft to the same question.

  • Hi rocklandcc,

     Donated products and license acquired through TechSoup cannot be transfered to other organizations or individuals as they are meant for the use of the specific nonprofit. If you have a field office which serves multiple projects in Tanzania, they could use the products, but you would not be able to give any to the school or any partner organizations or facilities. I would recommend getting in touch with one of our Global partners in the region as they may have a network and resources that you can look into. www.techsoupglobal.org.

    If you have any questions, please contact Client Services directly: www.techsoup.org/.../email.asp


  • We purchased Office Suite 2007 on 2/3/2010; it was upgraded to Office 2010 which a few of our employees downloaded.  Now, this initial purchase doesn't show in our Microsoft Donation Center.  Does this mean we need to start from scratch since everything was reset in July 2011?  If so, do we need to pay the fee again?  Please advise asap.  Thanks!

  • janross,

     The list of products shown in your Microsoft Donation Center reflects only what was requested during the current 2 year cycle. You should see a link that says something like "View all of my Microsoft Requests" above the current product list. This will take you to your Donation Request Status/History which you can also access through My Account. The program rules and restrictions do not impact your ability to use the licenses you've already requested. You should still have a history of licenses, products, available downloads, subscriptions etc. through your Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Account.

    If you have additional questions, please contact Client Services: www.techsoup.org/.../email.asp


  • Wondering if you have a best-guesstimate as to when Office365 will be available through Tech Soup.  Kathy

  • This is wonderful news...Thank you Microsoft & TechSoup. As a small non-profit CEO I'm able to maximize my technology infrastructure so that staff and volunteers can provide the most effective services to our target populations.

  • Question, we purchased Quickbooks for Windows this year, and our computer crashed, we are switching to MAC and now can not buy the programs for this computer because we already bought one this year… any ideas?

  • MendingHearts - I suggest you post this to the TechSoup Help branch of the Community Forum, to ensure that the right TechSoup staff person sees it and will respond to your message promptly.

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