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New to TechSoup's Sage Payment Processing program, Sage Mobile Payments converts your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet into a secure and convenient "use anywhere" credit card terminal. Here's how it works:

An optional card reader plugs into your mobile device's audio jack. 400+ devices are supported, including iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad, Droid, and BlackBerry. The reader is fully PCI-compliant: once a credit card is swiped, transaction information is instantly encrypted and transmitted.

Sage Mobile Payments also provides access to a web interface for securely entering credit card data from a computer with Internet access. Sage Mobile Payments can be used in combination with other Sage Payment Solutions services or used separately. Eligible organizations through TechSoup will receive special pricing for setup, monthly service, and transactions. Consult the Sage Payment Processing product page for more information.

Allyson Bliss, Senior Relationship Manager,  TechSoup Global