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This Month at TechSoup: Sharpen Your Website

This Month at TechSoup: Sharpen Your Website

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  • I love the thoroughness of this.  Thank you for your continual commitment to depth and breadth.  I have probably at this point dozens of techsoup articles built into my task manager, with the intention of connecting them to other aspects of my work.  

    Now I just wish I had more time in a day to absorb and implement all of this information!


  • Thanks for the great feedback, Ryan! Glad to hear that all this content is useful to you in your work. We worked hard to write and compile it all into easy-to-digest pieces, so hopefully it'll serve your needs and those of other readers.

    Since you've commented on other posts about learning more about CMSes and web development, I'd be interested to hear how you're using this content (blog posts, articles, what have you). We'd love for your feedback and if you found something particularly useful so we can do more of it in the future.

    Thanks again for taking the time to let us know you liked it!


  • Hey Becky,

    Proving that working past 1:00 AM is a bad idea, I composed what I wrote below this shorter paragraph in response to your comment... since it might be useful, I'll just leave it.  In response to what you actually said, I'll definitely be posting around and let you know what tools and information I've found particularly useful!

    I wish I could say I had a great deal of experience to discuss with the tools presented here, but in terms of web work I've mainly worked with Squarespace's platform.  They're not free, but their platform is wonderfully easy to set up and administrate.  It takes most of the programming out of the web-development scene.  Its more advanced packages also allow for an unlimited number of editors, so extending the number of people who can develop content is easy to set up and manage.  They also have lots of pre-built page templates that allow for easily including things like interactive web forms, photo galleries, and lots more (and adding new pages is incredibly easy) + drag-and-drop reorganization.  They have built-in site-traffic analytics, a file-management system (with the option to make micro file managers that editors can use), a member-management database built in... suffice to say, I really like their platform.  

    Signing off somewhat sheepishly,


  • Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Ryan. It's valuable to hear a variety of perspectives and tools people have used so that our readers (and we, as staff here at TechSoup) have an idea of what's out there and how it compares to other options.

    Your feedback is always welcome here and in our forums, so keep on sharing!


    Becky :)