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Should I Download My Software or Not?

Should I Download My Software or Not?

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  • Unfortunately, my organization, Sustainable Opportunities and Solutions has had a "qualification pending" status for several weeks and no one will answer my emails asking how to clear this status.  bob.horton@rshorton.com

  • Broken link on how to back up software on a DVD in the 3rd bullet point above.

  • Sorry about the broken link! It looked correct, but I redid it and it seems to be working now.

    BHorton2, I'll forward your message to our client services team to see it they can figure out why your status is pending. It *usually* means that they're waiting on some paperwork -- like proof of your organization's tax exemption status or something like that.

  • This is good information.  Can you back up your download onto a UBS?

  • Downloading Quickbooks in 2011 was a nightmare that consumed at least 40 hours of my time over a two week period. It downloaded alright, but I could not access any of the files. After multiple lengthy calls to QB, I finally had to download a Virtual Clone Manager (whatever that is?) and reinstall my software twice - once on my hard drive and also to DropBox. This time I ordered the discs, but I am getting a downloadable version again. I do hope it goes a bit better and that there have been improvements to this process in the last 3 years. dcurriebrsc

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