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How to Download Adobe Software Donations

How to Download Adobe Software Donations

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  • 2 G-40959 Acrobat XI Pro Win ESD $45.00 $90.00 Shipped 10/26/2012 fully shipped.

    Case: This software is now on computer A which needs to be retired - the power supply failed and a replacement power supply is now located outside of the case - ugly it is but working.

    Replacement computer, Computer B needs this Acrobat XI Pro before it can be placed into service for Computer A.

    Acrobat XI Pro is out-of-stock from Tech Soup or I would simply purchase another copy.

    Question: Is there a way to "move" or get a redundant copy of Acrobat XI Pro for computer B. Yes they might both be in service for a brief period - this is production environment and the Acrobat XI Pro is required.




  • Hi Chris,

    If you're the licensed user, you may also install and use the Adobe Acrobat software on a secondary computer. The secondary computer may be a home computer or portable computer and must be of the same platform. You may not run the software simultaneously on both the primary and secondary computers.

    Once you replace Computer A, please deactivate the Adobe software from the computer. Please follow this link for deactivation directions: forums.adobe.com/.../926511. You must first deactivate your software before you uninstall it on one computer and install it on another. Unistalling does not deactivate your Adobe software automatically.

  • We are preparing to download our newly purchased copy of Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium and would like to also be able to use it on a secondary computer or laptop if the need arises, which we understand is allowed.  Do we just download to this secondary computer.  We understand that we would not run both program simultaneously.

  • Hi Mayhewprogram,

    Once you install the software on the primary computer, you will be able to install the program the same way on the secondary computer. Just follow the instructions within the fulfillment email. If you experience any issues, please call us at 800 659-3579, option 2.

  • Does the comment above regarding downloading , "Don't worry about the Volume Licensing note at the top of the page. it doesn't apply to TechSoup donation recipients," mean that we do not need to purchase additional licensing for a second computer used by a second user?  If not, how do we purchase an additional license for the second user?

  • Hi ADEC1952,

    All Adobe Suites product bundles and individual products are supplied as a single-user license, which means that they must be installed and used on the same machine. The Adobe program guidelines and restrictions state that qualified organizations may request either one Adobe Creative Suite product bundle or four individual products per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

    Installing on Two Computers

    If your organization owns a single-user Adobe product that is installed on a computer at work, a single user can also install and use the software on one secondary computer of the same operating system at home or on a portable computer. However, you may not run the software simultaneously on both the primary and secondary computer.

    If you would like to purchase additional Adobe licenses, please visit www.techsoup.org/.../Adobe.

    Nicole | Account Management Specialist

  • We're attempting to download Adobe Creative Suite, however, the user name and the password is not working on https://adobe.subscribenet.com. I have tried manually inputting it and also copying and pasting. Both methods are not working. I have also attempted to retrieve the password by typing in my email but no reply from TechSoup was found in my inbox. Is it possible to get any help from this?

  • Hi wsforchildren,

    In an effort to strengthen the security of its software download site, Adobe has updated its password requirements. To meet these new security standards, TechSoup has created a new password for your Subscribe.net Adobe download account. The URL and your Login ID will remain the same.

    URL: https://adobe.subscribenet.com

    Login ID: fulfillment@techsoup.org

    Password: 4aF9kb64

  • I need the Adobe Illustrator for my business, however you are out of stock of the ESD download. How often do you have access to this licensing product?

  • I purchased Adobe Creative Suite cs4 around 2009 via Techsoup.  My computer hard drive had to be replaced and I could not get anything, including software from the drive.  I have the entire package in the original container, but there is no serial # or Product key on the plastic case.  How can I get the serial number to install it on my new computer.  I also installed it on my office computer, but could not find a serial number on any of the software.

  • Are Adobe products still available via tech soup?   Seems like they are always OOS?

  • on my instructions to download, it suggests to download onto a DVD.  If I do so, I cannot also download directly to my computer, correct? If I choose to download to a DVD and it does not work, then I cannot try to download directly to my computer from the website, correct?  (only one download per donation)

  • Hi WoodsHollow,

    Downloading it onto a DVD is useful if you want to install the product onto multiple devices or for a backup if Adobe ever removes the download from their website, but is not required. You can download it as many times as you like, but each download needs a license to activate it (which TechSoup provides in the fulfillment email).

    It is generally one license for one computer, but if you're the licensed user, you may also install and use the software on a secondary computer. The secondary computer may be a home computer or portable computer and must be of the same platform. You may not run the software simultaneously on both the primary and secondary computers.

    You may very well just download the file directly onto each computer, whichever works best for you and your organization.



    Account Management Team Lead


  • Just wanted to add that downloading on to a flash drive (or flash drives) is a good option, especially if you get an Adobe Creative Cloud account. Creative Cloud offers many applications and their download sizes range from 60 MB all the way up to almost 3 GB for Illustrator. You'd want a pretty high capacity flash drive, one much larger than a DVD if you want to fit multiple applications on one drive. To see the download files sizes for all the different Adobe applications see: helpx.adobe.com/.../file-size-creative-cloud-installers.html

  • We ordered and received Adobe Acrobat XI Pro for Windows (2 licenses) in June but are just now attempting to install them. With both serial numbers, they come up as invalid serial numbers. I've typed them in and cut and pasted them with the same results. Help!

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