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How to Burn Downloaded Software to a DVD

How to Burn Downloaded Software to a DVD

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  • Thank you for this blog I am now encouraged to try free software online. I found this site which also allows us to download free burning software.


  • I downloaded Acrobat X Pro Win some weeks ago.  It downloaded just fine.  However, I didn't have the forethought to burn a copy of the program in case I purchase a new computer or have a crash.  I need to know how to do that.  Where are the files located, and should I use CD or DVD discs.  Help please and keep it simple.

  • Excuse me sir, it seems that you know more about DVD burning, i have a problem when burrning DVD. I burned a DVD movie bought in Amazon to a blank disk. I am totally sure the disk format is VOB MPG(because i find it should be like that in this article:www.videoconverterfactory.com/.../how-to-burn-dvd-that-will-play-in-dvd-player.html )which should be played on my sony dvd player). But after i inserted my burned DVD the screen got blue while the disk still kept running. Sometimes it even made it hard for me to take the disc out. What wrong? Is that caused by the so called CSS or copyright protection? I bought in Amazon so i do not thing that is the reason.

  • But the Microsoft Office downloaded program file - Disk 1 - is over 5GB and a DVD is 4.7GB!!  I am confused and disheartened.

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