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Microsoft Volume Licensing Center: An FAQ

Microsoft Volume Licensing Center: An FAQ

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  • We purchased some new computers that came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed.  I ordered the Windows 7 Professions upgrade from TechSoup but when I tried to upgrade, it said that I had to do a clean install or use anytime upgrade.

  • @bullish1

     The upgrades available through TechSoup are for computers that already have specific operating systems installed. The Windows 7 upgrade product pages state: "This is an upgrade product. Only certain editions of the Windows operating system qualify for upgrades under TechSoup's Volume Licensing agreements with Microsoft. To install this operating system, you must have a licensed installation of one of the following operating systems on the device where you are installing the upgrade: Windows Vista Enterprise, Business, or Ultimate; Windows XP Professional or Tablet PC; Windows 2000 Professional; Windows NT Workstation 4.0; or Windows 98 SE. You cannot upgrade from any Home edition of Windows." So the licensing would not work with you current Home edition.

    However! We now have Microsoft's Get Genuine Solutions available for exactly your scenario. Eligible organizations may place only one request ever for Microsoft Get Genuine Windows operating system products. The request may be for up to 50 licenses (your organization is currently eligible for up to 30) of the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version, or a combination of the two. You can find the Get Genuine products here.

    Since you've already attempted an install of the upgrade, the disks are not returnable. For more information, please review the Microsoft Returns Policy

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Client Services.

    TechSoup Client Services

  • If I purchase a Microsoft product, get an activation key through the VLSC, and then later decide to purchase a second copy of the same product (for a second computer, obviously), do I need anything more than a new activation key from the VLSC? In other words, can I use the earlier download (or media, for that matter) with an activation key that I purchase later?

  • You can use the some downloaded file, if you are certain that they are exactly the same product and file. Keep in mind however that separate requests for donations would appear as separate licenses, and even if you don't download it again you should make sure the filename and size is the same, as products may be updated with a newer service pack or update that is not reflected as a full-on product update.



  • Andover_Beacon,

     You would not be able to request additional licenses through VLSC but, if you've been requesting licenses through TechSoup you can simply come back and request more as need provided your organization has not maxed out its allotment for this 2 year period. And as Kevin mentioned above, it would be a separate license. Please let us know if you have additional questions!

    For more information on the Microsoft Program Rules click here: www.techsoup.org/.../microsoft


    TechSoup Client Services

  • kevin, that is a very well written explanation of the VLSC.  I just used the Microsoft Donation program to get 50 Remote Desktop Services Cals for Server 2008 R2.  For the users who have never used the donation program before, this will be very helpful.

  • The business email address I registered here at Tech Soup is rejected by Microsoft VLSC as invalid.  What do I need to do to resolve this?  The FAQ seems to assume it will *just work*...

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