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Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Coding and Reporting

Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Coding and Reporting

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  • Where do I locate the transaction cover sheet mentioned in this post?

  • My understanding is that Quickbooks does not require that the class or the job be used. Is this correct?

  • The transaction cover sheet is not connected to the blog.  How do I get at it?  By the way, great series.

  • In addition to this blog series, Mark conducted a webinar with TechSoup. You can view the archived recording here along with a variety of the resources, samples, the cover sheet, and sites he recommends for learning more.


  • I've been looking for some creative tips and advice for Non Profit quickbooks for a while.  I like the blog series, but is there anyone who could help me take these same ideas and apply them to a small church.  I do not need all of the accounts that were used for the blog series, but could use a sample chart of accounts and class setup for a church setting.  Any Help?

  • Hi @ChurchAccountingDuke,

    I don't know of any church-specific resources for QuickBooks offhand, but I would recommend posting this question into our community forums in the Software Forum. We have experts on a variety of topics there who may be able to point you to some resources for your specific needs.

    In the meantime, I'll check in with our guest blogger who wrote this series to see if he has any recommendations.



  • Thanks Becky.

    Trying to get some more specifics from the guest blogger was what I was hoping to find.  In this series he attached some excel samples of chart of accounts.  Some of the same samples for a church setting would really help me out.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Mark,

    Can you tell me why you favor using classes for Program Functional Expenses and Customer/Job for Funding Source instead of vice versa?



  • "Dr. Bookkeeping ( do you have a real name?),

    As my blog explains, I suggest using the QuickBooks class for "Programs". Programs are defined as what a NPO does - their mission. A Program can have direct program costs, M&A and Fundraising costs in it (all Functional Expenses). It does not necessarily only have program functional expenses. I thnk you may be confusing terms.I hope this clears it up.

    Mark McCallick

  • I want to thank you for your work in getting this information to we who run nonprofits. We are a food bank that has become quite large and is now much more than a food bank. We were using regular QuickBooks, which is not user friendly for nonprofits. You have given me much to take to my board. Thank you.

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  • Can QuickBooks Online do all of these same things? Is QBO appropriate for non-profits? It seems that it would be a good resource because of the ability to share with the accountant, ExecDir, etc.

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