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Choosing Print Management Software

Choosing Print Management Software

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  • GreenPrint and FinePrint allow user to remove unwanted text and images when they print to save ink and paper.

    There is another print management software CZ Print Job Tracker that can keep track of account print quotas (number of pages assigned to users) or balance. When user quotas are exceeded, jobs are paused or canceled automatically.

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    Great Research on Printing Management Software. I would like to suggest an addition to the list a software called as PrintConductor. I have been using it for past 6 months for my Batch Printing jobs and i find it so easy to use because of its Drag and Drop feature. Earlier i used Ms word to print but i had to open each file before printing. But with PrintConductor there is no need for that. Please include the research on it as well. here is the link www.print-conductor.com

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