Compiled and organized by Kristy Graves, @kg.

We hosted our final live Twitter chat for the Digital Storytelling Event yesterday. There's still time to enter your submission before the second annual Digital Storytelling Challenge ends this coming Monday, January 31!

Our special guest host was Susan Gordon, nonprofit services director of (@causes on Twitter). Yes, the same Facebook application that hosts your Birthday Wish and largely powered the Save Japan Dolphins campaign featured in the documentary The Cove.

The chat focused on best practices for videos, the most effective types of content, and platforms and methods to spread your digital story. Here are some highlights:

"Good cause related video needs to have a call to action." - @gmcknight

"Social media allows videos/photos to be viewed in the context of a community of action-takers, which is important to motivate action" - @causes

"Vid is like all [communications] ' msgs shld be tailored & tap viewers values/resonate. Two sides to every story (or more!) ' tell 'em all." - @realize_ink

"Regarding media sharers we made a 'friendly tweeters' list of ppl who tweet abt us & ppl who have listed us, to DM & share" - @suzboop

A lot of great best practices and examples of successful digital storytelling were shared during the chat. Here are a few standouts for some Digital Storytelling Challenge inspiration:

  • The Cove: An example of telling a story using videos and photos in the context of a community of action-takers (via @causes)
  • Record plain audio and send it to PRX for free distribution to radio (via @gmcknight)
  • Animoto: Have interns create videos on Animoto, "easy and we have tons of videos out of it now." - @NeighborhoodCtr
  • Example of integrating community into digital storytelling, "lets youth interact w/ video" - @penguinasana
  • Example of supporter-created videos and campaigns (via @causes and @techsoup)
  • The Women of Bridges: Example of how to show off (tell the story of) your staff (via @buffb, a first-time digital storyteller from the first Digital Storytelling Challenge!)

Make sure to check out the entire transcript to see all the ideas and links exchanged. We'll also be highlighting questions and continuing the conversation in the forum and on Twitter using the tag #TSDigs.

You've still got time to participate in the Digital Storytelling Challenge, so create a 60-second video or 5-picture slideshow and enter for a chance to win prizes from Flip Video, Adobe, Flickr, and more!

One lucky winner will also receive an iPad as a Special Audience Choice Award sponsored by Zoomerang. Voting starting February 1, so stay tuned for instructions on how to participate.

Again, thanks to everyone for contributing to the chat. We're excited to see your submissions!

Carlos Bergfeld
Product Content Manager, TechSoup Global