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TechSoup 101: Becoming an Authorized Agent

TechSoup 101: Becoming an Authorized Agent

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  • My account manager is not with Philadelphia Reads any longer, I do not know my account number.  How do I get this?

  • If you are unable to get the Association Code from a previous Authorized Agent, you can contact TechSoup Customer Service and we'll be happy to help. Visit our Need More Help? page for more information: www.techsoup.org/.../email.asp

  • I really would like to apply for a donation of at least 2 PC and some educational software. We have started a scout group which we want to build moral regeneration for all the rural communities around our district. The computers will be used among 250 boy and girl scout in Amatole district Eastern cape. I have registered what is the next step. I want to apply fur donation of the PC and software.

  • @larhino

    Your next steps would be to register and qualify your organization. For detailed instructions please visit our Getting Started Guide: www.techsoup.org/.../gs_register.asp.

  • The authorized agents that are listed on our account are no longer with our company.  How do I go about adding a new agent or updating the ones that are already attached to the account?

  • keochcom, as Autumn commented for another user above, "If you are unable to get the Association Code from a previous Authorized Agent, you can contact TechSoup Client Services and we'll be happy to help. Visit our Need More Help? page for more information: https://www.techsoup.org/stock/contact/email.asp?contacttopicid=8&contactsubjectid=47

    If you don't have access to the account info (and association code), contact our client services folks and they'll get you connected to your organization.


  • HI,  I work with a public school and we have a very limited budget this year.   I would like to buy some things for my students.  As a teacher can I purchase items?  Do I need to enter the districts budget? hmmm..what avenue do I use to get to the point where I can purchase the flip cameras for student use?   Thanks so much for your help with this.. and for the information.

  • Hi teacherpeg,

     The products available through TechSoup are donated directly to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and public libraries and most public schools do not have 501(c)(3) status. Additionally, the Flip Video cameras are out of stock and are no longer being manufactured.

    What I can suggest is this: There are lots of resources online that can help you get products or raise money for projects. You can post in our community forums to see if people have ideas that might help.

    I'd also try websites like craigslist.com to see if someone has access to equipment they are willing to sell/donate, or you could even try something like kickstarter.com to raise some money, especially if the kids are doing a specific project that people might find interesting to sponsor.

    Good luck with your search and let us know if you have additional questions!


    TechSoup Client Services

  • How do we deactivate an Authorized Agent?

  • Hi johnadairknox,

     The best thing to do is contact Client Servcies: www.techsoup.org/.../email.asp. We'll need to verify the information on your account (Name, EIN, address, etc.), the name of the previous authorized agent you'd like to have remove and the reason for the removal.


    TechSoup Client Services

  • Faith Community Support Trust (FCST) is a registered NGO based in Zimbabwe. I am a registered member of Techsoup but now need to have my Organisation registered with Techsoup so we can get organisational benefits to meet the organisation`s needs. How can I have my organisation registered with Techsoup since we are not based in any of the listed nations legible for registration.

  • Hi Colleen,

     TechSoup can only help provided donationed technology products within the countries that have an established Techsoup partner program. What I can suggest is that you get in touch with the other TechSoup programs in your region as they may have some resources they can point you to. www.techsoupglobal.org/countries


    TechSoup Client Services

  • I will be putting Office 2010 on my computer.  Probably will update my computer sone.  Can I re-activate the software onto my new computer and how is that done?  Thx!!

  • SVOIC, to ensure the right person sees this message, please post under the community under TechSoup Help.

  • How can I remove an authorized agent who is no longer with the organization?

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