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Smart Apps for Smart Nonprofits

Smart Apps for Smart Nonprofits

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  • Apple has got to be one of the ugliest and robotic companies on the planet.  On the website is an 800 number to call if you are a non-profit; I called the 800 number and FINALLY got a real person who acted like a recording saying non-profits have to go through the website; unbelievable!!

  • I don't disagree, walkacrossfire. The criticisms of Apple's lack of philanthropy are pretty damning; check out the Jake Shapiro piece I mentioned in the post:


    When you combine the lack of philanthropy or product donations with the restrictions on nonprofit apps, it paints a bleak picture of Apple as a company. But none of that is to say that nonprofits shouldn't intelligently use iOS as a marketing and outreach tool, if it's useful.

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